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BURGESS Excel - Indoor Adult Rabbit Nuggets

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BURGESS Excel Nuggets is a specially formulated nutritional food by vets and nutritionists to ensure the right balance of minerals and vitamins in a rabbit's diet and prevent selective feeding where rabbits pick out the sweet high sugar elements and leave the nutrition fibre-rich elements behind.

BURGESS Excel Indoor Adult Rabbit Nuggets are ideal for indoor rabbits ages from 4 months to 5 years. It consists of vitamin D to support healthy skin and bones, vitamin E to support a healthy immune system, prebiotics to maintain healthy digestion, L-Carnitine to maintain a healthy weight, and dandelion and nettle for extra tastiness.

It is not a total diet and should be fed in connection with high-quality hay.


Weight: 70.5 oz (2 kg)

Product Origin: UK


Grass, Wheat, Oat Feed, Soya Bean Hulls*, Sunflower seed Meal, Yeast, Soya Oil*, Minerals, Short-chained fructo-oligosaccharides (0.25%), Dandelion (0.2%), Nettle (0.2%).

*May contain GM materials


Beneficial Fibre (40%)
Crude Protein (14%)
Crude Fat (4%)
Crude Fibre (20%)
Crude Ash (6%)