Hello friends!

BunBahn - The Bunny Station is a space for rabbit people to shine! There's something for rabbit lovers and rabbits alike.
We hope to help new rabbits parents and experienced ones alike to forge an everlasting bond with their rabbits through proper care and quality time.

Because it is not just a bunny. They are our source of joy, solace and inspiration. They are our companion. Our family.

Rabbits are awesome companion animals with big personalities and even bigger needs! They are an exotic animal that require plenty of love and attention. With proper husbandry and care, they are one of the most loving animals an individual can ever encounter.

In this space, you'll find that we:
- currate rabbit safe products
- share rabbit care information and DIYs

so that our little beloved companions are able to live their mightiest life!

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Not a rabbit parent but loves rabbit? Don't fret, we've got you covered. Coming real soon, we'll have adorable rabbit-themed products for your fix.

Meet our crew!



This clever boy ensures operations are running smooth. Blessed with natural sense of time and a curious mind, he keeps the humans on their toes. No tardiness around this little fella.



Everyone needs a cheerleader in their life. What more, a foodie to boot! Ellie is the sweetest food connoisseur who is always there by your side rain or shine. She's a curious little helper who is always willing to help... finish the food, of course.



With a keen eye for details, Mila ensures that the products are of high quality. She'll sniff, lick, pounce and even hump (oh no!) to ensure that no imperfections goes unnoticed. Why? Because queens (and kings) deserve the best.

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